Today is March 20, 2018.

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Estetico Manila: Philosophy of Beauty

Other cosmetic surgeons will tell you that they are artists. Well, we at Estetico Manila are, first and foremost, doctors… and then artists. What does that mean? We will never compromise function and physiology for aesthetics. When you come to us, you will be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as limitations of procedures. We offer you smart, customized beauty. Customized in the sense that, we want to help our patients be their own, unique beautiful selves. Not clones of models, or celebrities. Christy Turlington may have the perfect nose, with that perfect alpine slope, but her nose will never look good on an oriental face.

But what exactly is beauty? Since the beginning of humanity, man has sought to define beauty, whether by philosophy, biology, mathematics, or social studies.

Most humans are deeply ambivalent about beauty, seeing it as a source of strength, and at the same time, a source of weakness and enslavement. Beauty is recognized as a realm of pleasure and power. Since our facial appearance is the most public aspect of our self, it has a profound impact on our lives. This is especially true since society has placed a value on beauty. Beautiful people are assumed to be more intelligent, more productive, kinder, and more successful. Society assumes that external appearance reflects the inner self. None of us would admit that we sometimes judge people based on their physical appearance. But several studies have been conducted on this, and fact is, beautiful people are given more opportunities, and are treated better. Although this is not a fair assumption, it doesn’t make it less true. It is a fact of life.

Critics of cosmetic surgery see it as superficial, totally unnecessary…a complete waste of time and resources. Most of them will say that people should focus on personality, or intellect, more important things.

We say, do not fragment people. People are made up of personality, intellect, emotions, and physical appearance. Wouldn’t you want to have the whole package? Don’t you want an outer representation that’s worthy of your beautiful inner self?

Our role as doctors is to guide you, and to help you reach your aesthetic goals.  Estetico Manila is home to a team of cosmetic dentist in the Philippines.  A vast array of services is offered including Philippine dental implant that is performed by dentist in Makati.

A cosmetic dentist is responsible for all dental procedures that are aimed at improving the physical appearance of teeth or gums.  One of the dental treatments commonly performed by Makati dentists is dental implant, a procedure to achieve a complete set of tooth.

To give you an idea of Makati dentist’s careful performance of this procedure, dental implant starts with a consultation and radiographic examination.  Upon identification of the treatment plan, cosmetic dentist places the dental implant and then the temporary and final prosthesis.

Dental implant is perfect when you get to heal faster and better in the country’s best tourist destinations.  After getting the procedure done by a team of board certified cosmetic dentist, embark on a relaxing tour via dental tourism.  Makati dentist is more than willing to give you the best treatments you truly deserve.

Visit us today.  Let Estetico Manila help you be your own unique beautiful selves.