Dental Implant Guidelines

Today is February 22, 2018.

Dental Implants: Standard Procedure and Duration

To assist our patients in understanding ahead the process involved in getting demtal implants, we have created the checklist below. Please note that a minimum of two dental visits are required.

First Visit (suggested duration of stay is 4 – 7 days)


  1. Diagnosis and treatment planning
  2. Placement of implants, usually done in 1-4 hours (may vary depending on the number of implants placed).
  3. Construction of transitional prosthesis. A temporary denture will be provided for you to wear during the healing phase of the implants.

After placement of the implants, it is left untouched for three to six months. During this time the surgical site heals and the dental implant anchors itself, or osseointegrates, withthe surrounding bone. Final seating of abutment and permanent implant supported denture is usually done after a minimum of three months from the date of implant surgery.

Some dentists will claim that implants can be done in one trip only. Implants done this way are not as strong because of the lack of osseointegration, as mentioned earlier, which requires at least 3 months.

Second Visit, after at least 3 months (suggested duration of stay is 10 – 14 days)


  1. Implant uncovering.The implants were submerged at the time of placement and a second procedure will be needed to expose the implants. This is minor procedure in which a small incision is made in the gum in the area of the dental implants. A titanium healing abutment is placed on top of the implant and the gum is sutured around it.
  2. Prosthetic phase. We will now make the permanent replacement teeth that are held in place by the dental implants.
  3. Maintenance phase. Just like natural teeth or like the finest automobile, dental implants need ongoing maintenance if you are to realize their full benefit over many decades. This will include proper care at home as well as professional maintenance. We will custom tailor your maintenance program to your specific needs.

For us to have a clearer understanding of your case, we always request for your panoramic x-rays.