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The Functions of a Smile

Today is January 19, 2018.

You seem very happy today.  Could it be because of the simple things in life?  You saw the sunrise?  You ate your favorite breakfast?  Or did you just receive the sweetest words in the world?  For all the emotions in the world, a smile is a one-size-fits-all expression.  Have you thought of the functions of a smile?  The gesture that evolved from the monkey’s expression of fear has become human’s sophisticated means of getting several messages across.

Simple expression of delight

Probably the most common function, smile acts as a simple expression of delight.  The bigger the smile, the bigger the amount of joy.  Some people even show their teeth during smiling, a signal of being overjoyed.  However, expressing an extreme joy may be a problem for people who experience tooth loss. Dental implant Philippines is a procedure for all types of tooth incompletion.  In other words, this can fill in gaps between teeth.  It is a cost efficient solution done by a Makati dentist for patients with incomplete set of teeth.  First, a consultation and a radiographic examination are scheduled followed by the identification of a treatment plan and the surgery.  An oral surgeon will be the one to place the dental implant followed by the installation of a temporary prosthesis.  After some time of healing and integration, the final prosthesis is constructed.

A subtle way of saying thank you

A non-verbal way of expressing gratitude is another function of smile.  In public places, you would encounter people such as traffic enforcers, street sweepers, and fast food crew, who are all working for your benefit.  You might not be able to say thank you, but a smile coupled with a slight bowing of head can signal gratitude to the person.

An affordable way to stay blooming

A smile, they say, is a cheap way to change one’s look.  It is a way to stay inspired and energized.  Frequent smiling is also a proven way of maintaining a younger-looking appearance.  But what if your teeth are preventing you from blooming?  Cosmetic dentist Philippines offers a multitude of services to restore that confidence level.

A euphemism of sorrow

We have heard of stories of bubbly people who are actually problem holders.  Another function of smile is to conceal a part of a person’s sadness.  People tend to fake their smile and laughter as these can alleviate the marks of sorrow.

Life is like a photo album.  There you can find old pictures of both rehearsed and candid shots of life.  It is in candid moments that you will see the real emotion.  Stay inspired, stay smiling.  And when life requires you to pose, be ready with any pose.

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